Day 4

Today I went to the most fun litter pick up yet. Even though people from jail were there they were quite nice and don’t get me wrong they weren’t killers or robbers. They went to jail for things like child support, drunk driving and some other things. Anyway, we picked up in the countryside today. Marge and I were walking across the road and we almost got hit by a car! IT WAS SO SCAREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I am OK now. Then we went to a place called the Farm. It wasn’t an actual farm. It used to be a hippie community. We heard the music for the day there and we got to go on a hike with one of the owners of the Farm. We hiked down to a creek and on all the rocks were millions of tiny snails. We also got to stick our heads in a water fall!

Today was epic

By the way this is Harlan :)

One of the cool things on the Farm

One of the cool things on the Farm