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Pickin' Up Tennessee combines music and litter effort

By Emily Stroud, WBIR-NBC (Channel 10) Knoxville, July 15, 2013.

excerpt:  Here's a number for you: 23 million pounds. That's how much litter TDOT says is picked up along Tennessee roadways each year.

One Tennessee man is helping in a small way and a big way.

"I see it walking, I see it riding public transit," Eric McAnly said.

He sees litter.

"If I know there's a trash bag or a trash can nearby then I'll pick it up but I'm not going to put it in my pocket," he said.

On a recent day off from work, Eric McAnly brought his own bag because he was making a point to clean up litter at bus stops in Knoxville.

He's disappointed that a lot of the litter could have been recycled instead of tossed on the ground.

"Pickin' Up Tennessee crisscrossing state to deliver message, record music, make film." By Barry Courter, Chattanooga Times Free Press, June 20, 2013.

excerpt: Jane and Harlan Porfiri have been traveling the state with their parents, filming a fairly elaborate documentary with a simple message.

"Never, ever, ever, ever litter," 8-year-old Harlan says.

"And always recycle," 10-year-old Jane adds.

On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, the two were sitting in the Tennessee Aquarium Plaza next to their mother, Linda Duvoisin, and watching their father, Dave Porfiri, film the Booker T. Scruggs Ensemble as it performed the hymn, "Closer Walk With Thee."

The performance is one of 20 such songs being recorded as part of the Pickin' Up Tennessee tour, now traveling across the state to promote the message "Love the Land. Lose the Litter." Before the tour made it to Chattanooga, an all-girl rock band was filmed in Nashville and a few artists have written original songs just for the project.

"The music has been awesome," Porfiri says.

"Local family picks up trash across TN; promotes anti-litter campaign." WRCB NBC Channel 3 (Chattanooga), June 20, 2013.

excerpt: Love the land and lose the litter is the motto of one Chattanooga family promoting environmental awareness. The Porfiri family is spending the month of June traveling in an RV to 20 different counties across the Volunteer State and cleaning up litter....

"It's like a great family vacation," said Linda Duvoisin. "I'm not trying to be hokey."

Linda and her husband Dave Porfiri are filmmakers by trade and environmental stewards by choice. During the month of June, the couple is promoting their clean-up mission, traveling thousands of miles with their two girls in tow.

"We see a beautiful Tennessee and if people litter in it then it won't be beautiful anymore," said 8-year-old Harlan.

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"Pickin' up Tennessee Combines Litter Pickup, Instrument Picking," Times Free Press (Chattanooga), June 13, 2013.

excerpt: A Chattanooga family is on an unusual adventure: a cross-state tour to build awareness about being good environmental stewards.

Dave Porfiri and Linda Duvoisin and their daughters Jane, 10, and Harlan, 8, began their adventure, called Pickin' Up Tennessee, on June 1 at Tims Ford State Park in Winchester. Next week, their schedule will bring them closer to home. 

Pickin’ Up Tennessee Team Tours, WDXE Classic County 1370, Lawrenceburg, June 07, 2013

excerpt: On Wednesday, June 5, 2013, it was a Great Day for Lawrenceburg as Pickin’ Up Tennessee ... met with County Executive J. Mack Chandler. Also while in Lawrenceburg, the team met with Curtis Peters, president, Lawrence County Historical Society. Peters, as curator of the Old Jail Museum, offered the group an impromptu tour. ... 

"We were thrilled to have such a wonderful team filming in our county,” said Chandler. “This just goes along with our clean-up efforts that have been underway in our county for some time now. We have such a beautiful county and with our clean-up project and the awareness brought about by the Pickin’ Up Tennessee team, it will only enhance the beauty.” 

"Pickin' Up Tennessee anti-litter tour to stop Saturday at Cherry Mansion," The Courier (Hardin County), June 6, 2013

"Trash team pickin' it up statewide - Live music, video help to spotlight effort to stop littering in Tennessee"
by Quint Qualls, The Tennessean, June 5, 2013

"Pickin' Up Tennessee Makes Stop in Cowan," by Andrea Agardy, The Tullahoma News, June 4, 2013. 

"On Saturday morning, Cowan joined a group of Volunteer State towns in hosting Pickin’ Up Tennessee, a multimedia community cleanup campaign aimed at spreading a simple but important message: Love the land. Lose the litter...." (To read the whole article, click here.)

"Page Two" on Robertson County Radio WDBL AM 1590: Dick Veatch talks about Pickin' Up Tennessee with Marge Davis, June 3, 2013.

"We Must Be More Diligent In Keeping Tennessee Clean," by Marge Davis, Tennessee Voices, The Tennessean, May 30, 2013. 

 Scenic Tennessee launches anti-litter campaign  -- WDEF (from AP wire). May 28, 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The nonprofit group Scenic Tennessee is promoting an anti-litter campaign that combines music, scenic photography and community cleanups with online videos and social networking.

The effort begins June 1 with a month-long Pickin' Up Tennessee tour designed to drive home the campaign's message: Love the land. Lose the litter.

Pickin' Up Tennessee has enlisted musicians in 20 tour locations to provide a soundtrack for the campaign. Organizers are now seeking volunteers for the cleanups.

According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, last fiscal year more than 23 million pounds of litter were collected from Tennessee's county, state route and interstate roadsides.

The schedule of events is online at

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Pickin' Up Tennessee has enlisted musicians in 20 tour locations to provide a soundtrack for the campaign. Organizers are now seeking volunteers for the ...

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9 hours ago – The effort begins June 1 with a month-long Pickin' Up Tennessee tour designed to drive home the campaign's message: Love the land.

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"Our view: Tennessee cleans up with bev industry anti-litter grant."  The Jackson Sun. Dec. 11, 2012 




"It has taken years for people to actually become conscious of how to personally handle litter, yet many, many people continue to throw it out their vehicle windows with a "no care" attitude. Your non-profit organizatIon and educational videos ... are an absolute necessity or "litter" will take over and swallow all of us up!" --B.B. Potts, Mount Juliet, Wilson County

"I want to commend these folks' helping with such a massive undertaking. We pay some guys a couple times a year to pickup about 1.5 miles of state highway that runs in front of our property. It's disgusting this still happens! I don't know why they can't take some of the money and buy video equipment and catch some those littering and prosecute a few." --Mark Andrews, Meigs County

"I always thought I was the only person who picked up trash when I see it. It's nice to know others do too. I am interested in volunteering when I have the time." -- Michael Hazelton, Knoxville

"I pick up almost a mile of Hwy 64 to the east of my house at least once a week during tolerable weather (between mile markers 8 and 9, west of Fayetteville, TN). I need to walk for the exercise and cannot bear to let the litter lay there when I am walking. We recycle the plastic bottles and aluminum cans." --Toni Locke, Lincoln County