Filmmaker Dave Porfiri zooms in on Seu Jacobi as she performs on hula hoop during a performance by Playing on the Planet at the Ocoee Whitewater Center on the final day of the 2013 Pickin' Up Tennessee Tour. 

We're Pickin' Up Tennessee!

Welcome to Pickin' Up Tennessee, the first music-centered litter-awareness campaign in Tennessee since the popular "Tennessee Trash" public service ads of the 1970s--but with this important difference: Pickin' Up Tennessee focuses not on what makes Tennessee nasty but what makes it spectacular, from breathtaking landscapes and rich music to one-of-a-kind places and volunteer-spirited people.


Day 17: Rhodyjane Meadows, Sam Jones, T.V. Barnett and Michael Jones perform "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain" on the porch of the Miller Homestead on Roan Mountain.  


At the heart of Pickin' Up Tennessee are the 20 Daily Video Journals recoded during the June 2013 Pickin' Up Tennessee RV Tour. For four weeks starting June 1, the Pickin' Up Tennessee filmmaking team—Dave Porfiri and Linda Duvoisin of Chattanooga-based Mindflow Media, along with their two daughters, Jane, 10, and Harlan, 8—traveled the state aboard the Pickin' Up Tennessee RV. Along the way, they filmed iconic scenery, recorded a sound-quilt of live music performances, visited hidden tourism treasures, talked to lots of interesting people and joined hundreds of community volunteers in collecting and recycling roughly a ton of broken bottles, rusty cans, discarded tires and other litter. Each evening, camped in one of Tennessee's award-winning state parks, they edited footage, kept blogs and posted photos to Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

By the time the tour ended on June 26, the project had covered 2,800 miles, involved more than 1,500 volunteers, recorded 38 songs, generated hundreds of media stories and produced enough footage for more than 60 YouTube videos, including 4 pre-tour videos, 20 daily video journals, the 38 music videos and a 4-minute video summary of the tour (click on the "PLAY" arrow in the image at the top of this page to launch the Tour-in-Review). All of the videos may be seen on this website (go to The Videos) or on Pickin' Up Tennessee's YouTube channel, You can also see the entire project on a soon-to-be-released DVD-CD package.  

Love the Land Lose the Litter sign


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